Advocacy Alert

The Michigan legislature returns to session on September 7th. Upon their return, the legislature will enter what is commonly known as the “lame duck” session. House Bill 5232 and Senate Bill 720, the legislation which amends the local historic district act, can be voted on until session has ended for the year. We must remain vigilant by contacting your legislators indicating your continued opposition for the legislation. Please contact your legislators both in the House and Senate via email, phone or written note. You can find your legislators contact information by visiting and .

Saving Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island Worries About Preserving Its Past


Mackinac Island’s City Council will hold a public hearing on January 9th to discuss two proposed local historic districts. The Local Historic District Study Committee presented their findings to the city this past October, recommending the designation of these two districts. City Council may be taking a vote directly after next week’s hearing. This is a tense and exciting time for those who have been hoping to turn the tides surrounding the Island’s protection of its historic resources. This National Historic Landmark has faced an onslaught of development pressures, which have unfortunately taken their toll on the historical integrity of the community. The establishment of local historic districts will help to protect the character of the downtown and surrounding residential areas. Now is an important time to make known the preservation challenges that Mackinac Island is facing to a large audience. National Public Radio aired a story about the challenges that the Island is facing this morning by Peter Payette of Interlochen Public Radio. Please share this story widely to help raise national awareness of what is at stake.


Older News on Saving Mackinac Island


This past year, a local historic district study committee has evaluated Mackinac Island’s downtown commercial area as a potential local historic district. Comprised of local residents, the study committee was appointed by the city council in July 2010 when a resolution was passed to establish a downtown emergency moratorium. The moratorium curtails work that threatens irreparable harm to downtown buildings, such as demolition and changes that destroy historic character and features. The study report is now complete and a public hearing for the proposed downtown district is scheduled for 6 p.m., Wednesday June 15 at Mackinac Island Community Hall. This public hearing is open to the public.

For more information on either event, please contact Kelly Bean, Mayor’s Assistant, at or 906-847-6556.