Advocacy Alert

The House and Senate are in recess for the summer months. They will have a limited calendar for the remainder of the year. This will make movement of legislation such as HB 5232 much more difficult. We have learned that interest may be waning by those originally pushing the bill. This is positive news and we are thrilled that opposition efforts have had such a tremendous impact! We thank you for your outstanding support over the past several months. MHPN continues to keep a close eye on any mention of HB 5232 being referred into another committee and the possibility of lame duck vote.

Community Investment Program

The National Trust Community Investment Corporation

The National Trust Community Investment Corporation makes equity investments in real estate projects that qualify for federal Rehabilitation Tax Credits and when available, state historic and New Markets Tax Credits. NTCIC works with a wide variety of property owners including for-profit developers, nonprofit organizations and local governments. Its focus is on projects that have a strong economic revitalization impact on the surrounding community. Contact NTCIC to discuss your project’s eligibility for rehabilitation tax credits and if NTCIC can turn those credits into cash.

Eligible Projects

Generally speaking, the total development costs of the project must be at least $1.2 million to qualify for an investment by NTCIC. The property must also be eligible for either the 10% or the 20% federal rehabilitation tax credit. The 20% credit requires that the building is listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places or as a contributing structure in a National Register, state or local historic district. The 10% credit requires that the building was placed-in-service before 1936, is ineligible for individual listing on the National Register and does not contribute to a National Register, state or local historic. Both credits also stipulate that the property be income-generating or used in trade or business (i.e. office, rental housing, retail). Thus, the rehabilitation of owner-occupied residential properties does not qualify for the tax credit.

Please refer to for full information on NTCIC and its portfolio of projects.

  • NTCIC is an industry leaders in the syndication of federal and state historic tax credits and New markets Tax Credits
  • NTCIC offers competitive tax credit pricing
  • NTCIC provides advice to developers regarding how best to legally structure the deal
  • NTCIC specializes in theater and other projects developed by non-profit entities
  • NTCIC provides technical advice to nonprofit developers inexperienced with tax credits
  • NTCIC upstreams its profits to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which in turn supports preservation development through public policy, technical services, loans and grants.
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