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Representative Chatfield has confirmed in a letter to constituents that although he worked “exceedingly hard to strike a balance with this legislation (HB 5232), …I have been unable to adequately satisfy many of the concerns of my constituents.” He has decided to “indefinitely suspend consideration of HB 5232 and the conversation of reform to the Michigan Historic Preservation Act.”

Annual Conference

MHPN Annual Conference

Each spring, the Network sponsors the state’s largest annual statewide preservation conference to provide training and networking opportunities geared to both beginners and seasoned preservationists. In addition to offering sessions crammed with the latest news and information from around the state, the conference is known for its keynote speakers, festive evening activities, and annual auction of Michigan items ranging from overnights at historic bed-and-breakfasts, to antiques, books, and gourmet delights. Among the many features of the gathering is the Vendor’s Showcase, which provides and opportunity for the general public to view the latest products and services in the preservation industry.

2016 Conference Registration after 6 pm May 4
is available on-site only.
Tours and meals open based on availability.

Michigan Historic Preservation Network Announces its
36th Annual Statewide Preservation Conference
May 12-14, 2016, in the City of Detroit,
headquartered at the McGregor Memorial Conference Center
on the campus of Wayne State University.


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“Resolve, Revolve, Evolve” Theme Statement:

In 2016, we celebrate three landmark events: the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, and the 35th anniversary of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network. We are also celebrating our return to the City of Detroit for the first time since 2001…and how things have changed since then! We see a new energy and determination in the city and in communities around the state of Michigan. We’ve rejoiced in many victories and have even mourned a few losses…but then, like Detroit, we rebuild from the ashes, stronger than ever.

As preservationists, we know that the strong growth of our state is firmly rooted in the resources of its past – in the buildings, landscapes and objects that we work to preserve. We use the tools developed by our predecessors to help us protect and build on those resources, from the documentation methods and standards developed by the National Park Service, to the expertise and stewardship of our State Historic Preservation Office, which was established by the National Historic Preservation Act. And we know that preservation is not about preventing change but about managing it, by finding new uses for historic resources that keep them relevant.

This year’s conference theme – “Resolve, Revolve, Evolve” – brings a fresh lens to what we do as preservationists. It recognizes that one of our most important tools is our Resolve: our determination to restore our historic resources and to revitalize our state’s communities, no matter their size or number of residents. Along the way, we work to resolve the problems facing those communities, whether it is conflicts between neighborhoods and downtowns, between urban centers and rural landscapes, or between those who want to preserve and those who want to build new. It welcomes the opportunity to Revolve: to look at old problems from different angles, to get creative in our solutions, and to keep the clock moving, knowing that the time to get things done is NOW. And it acknowledges that we must continually Evolve: nurturing new preservationists and allies, reaching out to young entrepreneurs and to the new residents who are flocking into Detroit and other communities, and looking for new ways to engage those who are already there.

2016 MHPN Scholarships- Deadline Extended

Through the generous support of our donors the MHPN has 14 conference scholarships to award to
students, teachers, volunteers, elected officials, professionals, or anyone who has shown promising
work or interest in historic preservation and would like to learn more. They are intended for individuals
who would not otherwise be able to participate without financial assistance.

Volunteers to this great networking opportunity receive a 90 percent discount on conference
registration. Areas of greatest need include registration staff, room monitor, and tour dispatcher. To
volunteer or for more information, please email, attention: Katherine


We seek donations of all types and we’re always looking for creative new ideas for theme packages.  Popular ideas include tours of historic locales, overnight stays in historic hotels or B&B’s, entertainment packages, books, works of art and antiques, architectural artifacts, and gift certificates of all kinds.  All price ranges are sought so we offer something for everyone.  As you can imagine, our silent auction not only gets our attendees to mix and network as they place their bids during the conference, but its earnings help MHPN maintain manageable registration fees while assuring a solid bottom line.

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Please take a moment and choose from among our conference giving opportunities, request invoicing later if desired, and mail or fax your commitment to the MHPN Lansing office using the information provided at the bottom of the Sponsorship Pledge Form.  We must hear from you by Friday, January 15, 2016, midnight, to include you in the brochure.

2016 Conference Sponsorship Opportunities
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