Jefferson-Chalmers Detroit

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For the past three years, MHPN has been conducting a “deep-dive” in the historic Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood in Detroit to showcase the role of preservation in community revitalization. Phase 1 of our demonstration project was a series of three workshops for property owners on older building maintenance. Phase 2 included a two-part youth involvement project that engaged young people in exploring cultural heritage connections between the history and current conditions of their Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood through photography. We are now entering Phase 3, in which we will purchase a residential property located at 845 Lakewood in partnership with Jefferson East, Inc. that will be rehabbed to move-in ready condition to sell to owner-occupants, incorporating free, hands-on community workshops as part of the rehab process.   The ultimate goal of MHPN’s involvement and investment in Jefferson-Chalmers is twofold: to increase viability of the immediate neighborhood’s real estate market and to demonstrate the impact that historic preservation can have on a “tipping point” neighborhood.

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Watch the  Video of this Sold Out event.