New Michigan State Historic Preservation Tax Credit Bill Introduced

Senator Wayne Schmidt (R-37), along with co-sponosrs Horn, Zorn, O’Brien, and Hertel, intoduced SB 469 on June 21, 2017.  Read more about it in our Advocacy Alerts.  Check out our new information sheet on the bill too!

Review of Michigan Economic Development Incentives for Historic Preservation Placemaking Projects

Invariably, the locations with a special sense of
place contain historic assets. These architectural
gems inspire awe, give a place its unique
character, build community, attract investment,
and create fond new memories and reinforce
existing ones. For these reasons, the preservation of
historic assets must be a key, highly prioritized
ingredient in any placemaking strategy.

A White Paper

Created by: MHPN Placemaking Incentives Task Force