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About MHPN

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network:

It’s about bringing new life to historic neighborhoods …
It’s about Main Street remaining a good place to shop …
It’s about historic farmsteads and lighthouses, factories
and churches being vital parts of Michigan’s landscape …
It’s about choosing how your community grows and changes …
Most of all, it’s about you getting involved.

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network is the largest membership organization in the state dedicated to recognizing and preserving Michigan’s rich cultural and architectural heritage.

Membership includes owners of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural property; students and educators; governmental officials and appointees; archaeologists, architects and designers; landscape architects and landscapers; interior designers, contractors, developers, realtors, bankers and insurance agents; and preservation volunteers and professionals.

The volunteer board of directors and staff help Network members maintain the neighborhoods where they live and the downtowns where they work, build new in ways that respect and reinforce local character, revitalize some of Michigan’s oldest urban centers, adapt all types of buildings for current uses and use to best advantage the rich rural, agricultural and maritime heritage of Michigan.