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The House and Senate are in recess for the summer months. They will have a limited calendar for the remainder of the year. This will make movement of legislation such as HB 5232 much more difficult. We have learned that interest may be waning by those originally pushing the bill. This is positive news and we are thrilled that opposition efforts have had such a tremendous impact! We thank you for your outstanding support over the past several months. MHPN continues to keep a close eye on any mention of HB 5232 being referred into another committee and the possibility of lame duck vote.



To spread information regarding the programs, events, and news of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network, as well as about the preservation activities of MHPN partners across the State of Michigan and nationally.

Committee Responsibilities:

The Committee assists the board in developing the annual work plan.  In addition to the tasks unique to each year’s work plan, the committee and its leadership shall cover the following tasks:

The Committee Chair or a Co-Chair:

  • Carries out the editor roles for the MHPN published materials, including the Network News newsletter (three-times annually in winter, summer, and fall), the monthly email blast; and the Annual Report.
  • In each case, assigns and/or writes articles, arranges for appropriate graphics, and oversees the editing process.
  • As appropriate, works with the Membership Committee to obtain mailing/e-mail information.
  • With regard to printed materials and perhaps through a designee, works with the printer to establish printing, mailing, and invoicing requirements.

Committee Members:

  • Write, design, and publish the tri-annual newsletter, monthly email blast, and annual report working closely with the editor/Chair or Co-Chair.
  • Work to prepare, distribute, and complete follow-up with the press and other media contacts for each of the press releases.
  • Develop materials for and maintain the MHPN web site.

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