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The House and Senate are in recess for the summer months. They will have a limited calendar for the remainder of the year. This will make movement of legislation such as HB 5232 much more difficult. We have learned that interest may be waning by those originally pushing the bill. This is positive news and we are thrilled that opposition efforts have had such a tremendous impact! We thank you for your outstanding support over the past several months. MHPN continues to keep a close eye on any mention of HB 5232 being referred into another committee and the possibility of lame duck vote.



To raise money for operations and programs, while constantly developing funder relationships and finding innovative and exciting ways to increase funding.

The Development Committee Shall: 

  • Assist the board in developing the yearly work plan.

In addition to the tasks unique to each year’s work plan, the committee shall:

  • Coordinate the annual preservation conference, including the silent auction and marketplace;
  • Coordinate the annual fall benefit, including the silent and live auction and marketplace;
  • Assist in the preparation of grant applications;
  • Coordinate annual house parties;
  • Work on replenishing and growing the endowment;
  • Keep records of donations and donors as well as prospective donors;
  • Thank sponsors and donors through various means ranging from recognition in conference brochures, to invitations, to the annual report;
  • Manage the Heritage Society program;
  • Offer a distinction between the dollars we solicit for operations – i.e. keeping the lights on, and for special activities – i.e. Partners in the Field;
  • Raise dollars in keeping with accepted industry standards as contained in our policy, “Ethical Principles and Standards for Gift Solicitation”;
  • Maintain lists of giving opportunities that allow prospective donors to directly assist with the work defined in our work plan – i.e. Sacred Places… Randolph School; and
  • Accept planned gifts that will be recognized now but realized in the future.

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