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The Michigan legislature returns to session on September 7th. Upon their return, the legislature will enter what is commonly known as the “lame duck” session. House Bill 5232 and Senate Bill 720, the legislation which amends the local historic district act, can be voted on until session has ended for the year. We must remain vigilant by contacting your legislators indicating your continued opposition for the legislation. Please contact your legislators both in the House and Senate via email, phone or written note. You can find your legislators contact information by visiting and .

Thelma Joyce Osteen-Comfort Station

MHPN Purchases and Plans to Restore the Thelma Joyce Osteen-Comfort Station

The Thelma Joyce Osteen Comfort Station, built in 1914-1915 is a long-vacant historic commercial building in Lansing, Michigan. The Comfort Station is an unusual building originally affiliated with an interurban rail system. MHPN is planning to rehabilitate the building for their own headquarters.

The Comfort Station is an unusual building originally affiliated with an interurban rail system and most recently used as a community gathering place. MHPN has decided to purchase and rehabilitate this unique vacant building for use as its own headquarters and tenant space. This will build MHPN’s capacity for future rehabilitation projects.

Short term, this project will result in the successful redevelopment of a long-vacant historic building in the Old Town Main Street neighborhood in Lansing, Michigan; a new headquarters for MHPN. Long-term, we expect that a revolving fund initiative will lead MHPN to preventing unnecessary losses of important historic resources throughout the state, revitalization of properties, and increased effectiveness.


In Februry 2013, MHPN made the move to its new headquarters.  The Comfort Station now provides second-floor office space for the four Lansing-based staff of the MHPN as well as workspace for the three regionally-deployed staff when they visit and for an additional staff member being added to manage its new revolving fund.

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