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Help Protect the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credit!

You can help stop the proposed Historic Tax Credit repeal.  Below is information provided by our national partners, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, who are calling for action.  As you know, Historic Preservation Lobby day is this week, and letters to Members of Congress need to be assembled for this program.  Please send your signed letter to the Trust by March 4th. And please share this message widely.

Thank you!!

Ways you can help:

1.  Have your preservation organization sign onto the organizational sign-on letter.

As you may have already heard, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee – Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) – released a discussion draft tax reform bill on February 26th that has called for the repeal of the historic rehabilitation tax credit. In response, the National Trust is spearheading an organizational sign letter that calls for not only retaining this all important financial incentive, but also trying to improve it.

We hope that your organization will stand united with the National Trust and the preservation community in opposing this proposal. If you would like to support this request to the chairman and ranking member of the Ways and Means Committee, please send your approval to add just your organization’s name to the sign-on letter to: <> or call Carl Wolf at: 202-588-6254. In order to deliver this letter to Members of Congress in time for Preservation Lobby Day, we will need a response from your organization by Tuesday, March 4th.

2.  Ask your local preservation partners, Main Street communities, etc. to join you in signing onto the organizational sign-on letter.

3.  Resend out this e-alert to your own members …or send one with a similar message.

4.  Many organizations are currently calling for nominations for their endangered lists. You might consider listing the federal Historic Tax Credit. (Our thanks to the statewide who made the great suggestion!)

Thank you!