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The Michigan Historic Preservation Network is, first and foremost, a vehicle for providing educational opportunities for the residents of Michigan so they may best identify, inventory, research, nominate for recognition, maintain or rehabilitate, protect, and celebrate their historic resources.  The Education Committee provides these educational opportunities mindful of the wide array of historic resources, owner audiences, and advocates there are to address; knowing that young people are always needed in the mix to assure a future for preservation in Michigan; and recognizing there often are battles to be won with those who do not believe in the importance, continued usability, or financial viability of Michigan’s historic resources.

The Education Committee Shall: 

  • Assist the board in developing the annual work plan.

In addition to the tasks unique to each year’s work plan, the committee shall:

  • Interface with all the MHPN Committees, and especially with the programs of the Historic Resource Council Committee, Communication Committee, and the Conference Subcommittee of the Development Committee.
  • Maintain an active calendar of MHPN-branded educational workshops offered throughout the state as free or modestly-priced programs that meet the highest standards of preservation practice as established by the National Park Service, the Association for Preservation Technology, and other nationally-recognized peers.
  • Play a key role in creating the program for the annual statewide historic preservation conference, the largest educational outreach activity undertaken by the MHPN each year.
  • Recognizing that educated young people are the future of any field, reach out to primary and secondary schools and their school systems to provide curricular enhancement on topics key to an understanding of, and sensitively toward, historic resources.
  • Recognizing that students at institutions of higher-education, in professional programs, and in preservation trade programs become the next generation of those working in the preservation field, provide curricular enhancements, in-school programming, mentoring, and opportunities to participate in MHPN preservation workshops and conferences.
  • Create and nurture the long-term relationships with post-secondary school stakeholders – i.e. architectural firms, construction firms, etc. – who benefit from students entering the workforce with solid preservation skills in a variety of fields.
  • Create and nurture long-term relationships with the state’s preservation stakeholders – i.e. everyone from individuals, to preservation-related businesses, to schools, to elected officials, and so on – as the means by which Michigan residents are educated about preservation, advocate for historic resources, and work toward their maintenance, continued use, and protection.
  • Help maintain the profile of excellence the MHPN projects in the preservation field by meaningful and enthusiastic collaborations with its peers – i.e. the Society of Architectural Historians, the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions, other statewide historic preservation organizations, and the like.
  • Reach out to any natural partner of the MHPN with the free- or low-cost provision of information, materials, programs, and assistance.

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