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Membership & Volunteer


The Michigan Historic Preservation Network is, first and foremost, a vehicle for providing educational opportunities for the residents of Michigan so they may best identify, inventory, research, nominate for recognition, maintain or rehabilitate, protect, and celebrate their historic resources. While the MHPN will provide this educational assistance to any resident of Michigan, it seeks to build a robust membership that resonates with its mission, becomes the primary consumer of its educational services, and, in turn, provides an informed group that supports its outreach and advocacy efforts. The Membership and Volunteer Coordination Committee seeks to build this membership body for the MHPN, mindful of the wide array of owner audiences and advocates there are to approach about joining; knowing that young people are always needed in the mix to assure a future for preservation in Michigan; recognizing that equal opportunity applies to its membership efforts as it does to all elements of MHPN hiring and programming; and knowing that both professional and amateur members are needed to create a meaningful reflection of those involved in historic preservation activities.

The Membership and Volunteer Coordination Committee Chair or Co-Chairs Shall: 

Guide the committee members through execution of the annual work plan by recruiting committee members and holding the necessary number of committee meetings to assign tasks and get progress updates. MHPN staff is included in the meetings, as available, and is kept apprised of the committee’s progress. The chair/co-chairs assists the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget, provides a monthly financial and program report to the Executive Committee, and offers quarterly summaries to the Full Board. The chair or one of the co-chairs serves on the Executive Committee as the representative of the Committee.

The Membership and Volunteer Coordination Committee Shall: 

Assist the board in developing the annual work plan. In addition to the tasks unique to each year’s work plan, the following tasks are performed:

  • Maintain a membership database that is current, not only so the organization knows the number of its members, but so membership size and distribution around the state can be used during advocacy and outreach activities, so members can be tapped to speak-out on preservation issues in their communities, so the number of participants in MHPN programming can be supportive of grant applications, etc.
  • Following an established timeline, conduct first, second, third, and fourth quarter invoicing, as well as Commission and Organization invoicing, so the current member population is given every opportunity to maintain its membership in good standing with the MHPN.
  • On a regular basis, return to those with lapsed memberships to make a special appeal to have them renew.
  • Set annual goals for membership increases that are challenging to the board and staff but also attainable.
  • Coordinate, as per the Board Expectations, that each board member shall secure at least 10 members each year.
  • From time to time, review the MHPN Membership print materials to assure they reflect current programming and accomplishments that is engaging to new and renewing members.
  • Assure that the opportunity to join the MHPN is presented at every opportunity – i.e. as part of registration for the Annual Statewide Preservation Conference, at gatherings of our peer organizations, at welcome activities for graduate students, etc.
  • Make good use of complimentary memberships as a means to introduce prospective members to the MHPN and, after their complimentary membership is through, have them join on their own; as a way to keep legislators aware of the work of the MHPN; as a means to say thank-you to those who have provided services to the MHPN; etc.
  • Be alert to special promotional opportunities that can build membership – i.e. holiday gift memberships, membership mailings to owners of properties newly listed on the National Register of Historic Places, student memberships, etc.
  • Utilize electronic means by which to introduce prospective new members to the MHPN, such as E-Blasts, the organization’s social networking site, the MHPN website, the website and ListServs of others, etc.
  • Safeguard the membership database such that it is not used for any purpose other than activities addressed in the Annual MHPN Work Plan.

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