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Economic Benefit Reports

Investing in Michigan’s Future

Historic preservation not only promotes an increased appreciation of the past; it is often a key feature of successful community planning and economic development.

Historic preservation adds to the quality of our lives, however, this is not typically the best way to promote the protection of our historic resources, particularly in these economically challenging times.  Fortunately, hard numbers CAN be the way to provide even the most doubting of leaders that historic preservation is more than something than can make people feel good, it IS an economic driver.  To support this statement, preservationists need to have the language and the numbers to back it up.  The following links will take you to a series of Michigan produced documents on this very issue.  If you need more, MHPN recommends reading Donovan Rypkema’s The Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation.   Also visit the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office website for their growing list of case studies from around the state.

Michigan Economic Benefit Report

Report Card



A Civic GiftHistoric Preservation, Community Reinvestment and Smart Growth in Michigan

Produced by the Michigan Land Use Institute (MLUI,) with funding from Michigan’s State Historic Preservation Office, this 20-page piece explains the good work that preservationists do every day – and how it benefits communities–in a way that is easily understood by folks who are new to the idea. In a series of six short case studies, each accented with eye-catching photos, MLUI makes the case for historic preservation from a community reinvestment perspective – and does a splendid job. Features include Detroit’s Orchestra Hall revival; saving Grand Rapid’s Wealthy Theatre; and Allegan’s recent efforts including their steel bridge restoration, rehabilitated Regent Theater and others. In Jackson, it exposes the partnerships required and the big impacts that resulted when Consumer’s Energy committed to saving a long-abandoned post office downtown, and rehabilitating it as part of a multi-million dollar project that rewrote that city’s history. A Civic Gift is a gem. You need to read it. You also need to share it with your friends, fellow preservationists, government officials, community development staff and whomever else you can think of that might benefit. View the report or order A Civic Gift from MLUI here.