CALL TO ACTION Join and get involved with the MI Impact Coalition, as we work to bring back Michigan’s State Rehab Tax Credit.  Senate Bill 469 (S1) passed the Senate on December 13, 2017. House Bill 5178 (HB 5178) has also been introduced to reinstate the Michigan Historic Preservation Tax Credit. These bills would reinstate the popular program that offers a credit of up to 25 percent of rehabilitation expenses against state income tax.

Review of Michigan Economic Development Incentives for Historic Preservation Placemaking Projects

Invariably, the locations with a special sense of
place contain historic assets. These architectural
gems inspire awe, give a place its unique
character, build community, attract investment,
and create fond new memories and reinforce
existing ones. For these reasons, the preservation of
historic assets must be a key, highly prioritized
ingredient in any placemaking strategy.

A White Paper

Created by: MHPN Placemaking Incentives Task Force