CALL TO ACTION Join and get involved with the MI Impact Coalition, as we work to bring back Michigan’s State Rehab Tax Credit.  Senate Bill 469 (S1) passed the Senate on December 13, 2017. House Bill 5178 (HB 5178) has also been introduced to reinstate the Michigan Historic Preservation Tax Credit. These bills would reinstate the popular program that offers a credit of up to 25 percent of rehabilitation expenses against state income tax.

Preservation Toolkit


From the California State Parks Office of Historic Preservation


This Community Guide is funded by the State Historic Preservation Office
(SHPO) and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA),
in conjunction with Michigan Historic Preservation Network (MHPN).
April 2014.

A total of 263 Projects were completed in Michigan with Approved Historic Tax Credit Rehabilitation Plans for the Years 1999-2010.  These projects included State, Federal, or a combination of both Credits.  The full list of these projects is available here.

Window_Weatherizing  by James Hamilton, Boston-Edison Historic District, Detroit

Window_Repair  by James Hamilton, Boston-Edison Historic District, Detroit

Lead Resource Guide

Effective Vacant Property Programs

Why a Local Historic District?


Rehab Tax Credits Template

Grassroots Guide for Local Preservationists

LHD Ordinance vs Zoning Ordinance

How Much Does it Really Cost to Close a Historic School

Michigan Historic School Rehab Case Studies

What Makes A House Historic And Not Just Old

How to Save A Building

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Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Library of Congrees – American Memory
HABS/HAER records, panoramic maps/photographs, photograph collections, manuscripts

Michigan County Histories and Atlases

Government Land Office/Bureau of Land Management Records

Original purchasers of land from the government. Click on “Search Land Patents” under the title; Use the second tab (“standard”) to search by township/parcel

David Rumsey Map collection

USGS Topographic Quadrangle Maps by County
Michigan State Archives (subdivision plat maps – last entry under “genealogy” pulldown); also check circulars (under same) for possible sources: i.e. architectural plans and drawings, parks, rural property inventories

Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University Archives, Aladdin Homes

Michigan State Housing Development Authority  MINeighborhood Program