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Training and Workshops

MHPN Practical Preservation Workshops

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network would like to encourage you to take advantage of Michigan Historic Preservation Network’s Practical Preservation Workshops. These workshops are designed to educate historic home owners and commercial building owners on the benefits of historic preservation. The participants will gain a profound understanding of restoration techniques and methods, at the same time, discovering invaluable ways to save money.

Workshop participants will gain the knowledge and skills they need to perform masterful restorations as well as a greater appreciation for the cost-effectiveness of historic preservation. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn the valuable trades of: Building Assessment 101, General Maintenance for Historic Buildings, Masonry Maintenance and Repair, Painting for Long-Lasting Results, Plaster and Stucco Repair, Porch Repair, Roof Restoration, and Window Restoration and Repair.

YouTube window repair series:

Historic District Workshops

In addition to hands-on, practical preservation workshops, the Michigan Historic Preservation Network offers two community workshops about historic districts and historic district commissions. Both workshops are interesting, informative, all-day sessions that are scheduled on Saturdays in your community. (Customized shorter evening trainings are also available.) You can invite as many interested people as your site can accommodate, and some of these might include historic district commissioners, planning commissioners, residents, local building and zoning officials, elected officials, and members of the press.

Protective Ordinances and Local Historic Districts:
The why, who, what and how of creating and administering historic districts

For communities considering enacting a local historic district ordinance, this workshop teaches participants why Michigan communities decide to protect their historic resources, how to use the State enabling legislation, how to garner support for districting activities, and more.

Commissioner Training Workshop

(For communities with local historic districts and an ordinance in place.) Whether your historic district commissioners are long-standing, new to the commission, or a combination of these, they will benefit from this interactive workshop. Participants will learn about the Michigan enabling legislation that allows a community to establish a commission and locally designated historic districts, the nationally accepted preservation standards to use when making commission decisions, due process, the appeals process, how to work with property-owners in the district, available tax credits, and more.

Prior to the workshop, the trainer will request information specific to your community, so that your workshop will be tailored as much as possible to the special features and individual needs of your community. An experienced, professional preservationist facilitates these workshops, and the entire workshop fee of $400 for Network member communities and $450 for non-members for each workshop (including all materials) is donated in full to the Network to support its initiatives and programming.

Please call the Michigan Historic Preservation Network at 517.371.8080 or e-mail  to schedule your training today.

MHPN Field Representatives also have a variety of presentations and training programs available. To learn more about these programs, please click here.