Michigan Historic Preservation Network


Detroit Preservation Demonstration Project

845 Lakewood Street, Detroit, MI 48215

In 2016, MHPN worked with the Detroit Land Bank Authority’s new community partnership program to purchase and rehabilitate a long vacant and neglected home in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood to move-in ready condition.

The house was sold to owner-occupants after the first open house in December, 2016. MHPN placed a preservation covenant on the property, which will ensure that the house be maintained according to the Secretary of Interior’s Standards.

Working with the general contractor every step along the way (including approving all methods/materials to ensure that the Secretary of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation would be followed), MHPN staff provided project management expertise throughout the construction process and in several instances educated sub-contractors on methods more appropriate for historic buildings (such as cleaning historic masonry, repairing original brick and mortar, benefits of historic wood windows, etc). We also received pro bono assistance from historic architects, leaded glass specialists, structural engineers, and building inspectors who helped advise the general contractor and inform MHPN’s decision-making.

Stay tuned for more details about our next project!