Michigan Historic Preservation Network


An Easement is a legal instrument or contract between a property owner and the Michigan Historic Preservation Network whereby the owner grants a portion of, or interest in, the property rights to MHPN. 

Why do we need easements?

  • Establishes perpetual protection for the property by preventing inappropriate changes to the historical significance of the structure and its setting.
  • Provides assurance to the owner of a historic or cultural property that the property’s value will be preserved through subsequent ownership.
  • Preserves the property for future generations.
  • Additional Benefits to Owner
  • May claim a charitable deduction on Federal Taxes if property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places or contributing to a National Historic District.
  • May reduce estate, gift, and local property taxes.
MHPN currently holds 26 easements including 18 commercial , 6 residential and 1 conservation easement.

For more information, please contact Xiaohan Bao Smith at xbaosmith@mhpn.org