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Structural Code Secrets for Existing Building Project Success

When renovating, adapting, or altering an existing building, the code-mandated structural requirements can have significant schedule, cost, and design impacts. The goal of the presentation is to equip owners and designers with some general knowledge of code requirements so they can better understand the structural implications of their proposed scope of work. Knowing and identifying the structural requirements early in a project will provide team members with a critical tool to better inform budget and schedule as a project moves forward.

December 9, 2021
1:00 PM in Eastern Time
Albert and Julius Kahn: Inventing the Modern Factory

The development of efficient and fireproof industrial facilities in the early 20th century was almost entirely the work of two brothers, Albert and Julius Kahn. Two key innovations were required, a practical method of building with reinforced concrete and an efficiently organized architectural operation that included engineering capabilities–the Kahn brothers provided both. These advances helped make the United States the most efficient industrial nation in the world prior to WWII.

January 27, 2022
1:00 PM in Eastern Time

Practical Preservation Workshops

These workshops are designed to educate historic home owners and commercial building owners on the benefits of historic preservation. The participants will gain a profound understanding of restoration techniques and methods, at the same time, discovering invaluable ways to save money.

Workshop participants will gain the knowledge and skills they need to perform masterful restorations as well as a greater appreciation for the cost-effectiveness of historic preservation. 

Understanding Preservation Practices

Realtor Education Workshop

Join the Michigan Historic Preservation Network for this workshop to equip Realtors and real estate professionals with tools to help market and sell older homes. Learn how to communicate the value of owning a historic property to your clientele!

Continuing Education: The workshop offers two elective CE credit hours. 

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