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LEAD PAINT: The Hazard in Brief and HD Decisions

Lead paint is a real hazard, potentially causing irreversible changes in vulnerable children – and adults – but it is a hazard that can be avoided and abated with minimal changes to a historic property. Learn about the basics of lead hazards, simple steps to minimize the hazard and the requirements and expectations of a HUD lead hazard grant award in your town. What are the issues to be considered for a Historic District Commission to make a fair decision about window replacement, additional siding and other exterior changes triggered by an identified lead paint hazard?

September 28, 2023
1:00 PM in Eastern Time
A Deep Dive into TCPs and National Register Listed Archaeological Sites in Michigan

While Michigan has over 25,000 documented archaeological sites, less than one percent are National Register of Historic Places listed. Join Senior Archaeologist, Sarah Surface-Evans, for a discussion about SHPO efforts to increase the representation of archaeological sites and Traditional Cultural Places on the National Register.

October 26, 2023
1:00 PM in Eastern Time

Practical Preservation Workshops

These workshops are designed to educate historic home owners and commercial building owners on the benefits of historic preservation. The participants will gain a profound understanding of restoration techniques and methods, at the same time, discovering invaluable ways to save money.

Workshop participants will gain the knowledge and skills they need to perform masterful restorations as well as a greater appreciation for the cost-effectiveness of historic preservation. 

Video: Working with Windows in 5 parts

In this 5-part YouTube series, the Michigan Historic Preservation Network and Michigan State Historic Preservation Office provides “simple steps for working windows.”

Understanding Preservation Practices

Realtor Education Workshop

Join the Michigan Historic Preservation Network for this workshop to equip Realtors and real estate professionals with tools to help market and sell older homes. Learn how to communicate the value of owning a historic property to your clientele!

Continuing Education: The workshop offers two elective CE credit hours. 

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