Michigan Historic Preservation Network


Photo by State of Michigan, www.michigan.gov

MHPN’s Advocacy Day Returns

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network is pleased to announce that the popular in-person Advocacy Day will be held on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Like previous years, the workshop will be held in the Christman Building, 208 North Capitol Avenue, Lansing, and will include in-person visits to legislators in the Capitol building.

This is the first in-person Advocacy Day hosted by the MHPN since 2020! The 2023 legislative session is just beginning and includes a number of new lawmakers from a diverse cross section of the state’s population as a result of redistricting. It is MHPN’s goal to introduce as many legislators as possible to historic preservation, with members from their own communities carrying the message, about how preservation can benefit their constituent communities. Many of the new lawmakers have strong arts and culture backgrounds, predisposing them to your comments and ideas.

Please join MHPN as we host a day-long workshop, which will include information on current bills, talking points for your conversations, a workshop speakers, lunch, and meetings arranged on your behalf to be held during the course of the day. Come with your friends and make a bigger impression at your elected official meetings!

Coming soon, more information on registration and fees.

Many thanks to the Christman Company, Michigan Municipal League, and Kelley Cawthorne, for their part in making the program a success.