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The mission of the Awards Committee is to solicit and evaluate nominations for outstanding preservation projects and people in the State of Michigan to be recognized by the Michigan Historic Preservation Network.

The Awards Committee Chair or Co-Chairs Shall: 

Guide the committee members through execution of the annual work plan by recruiting committee members and holding the necessary number of committee meetings to assign tasks and produce the annual awards programs.  MHPN staff is included in the meetings, as available, and is kept apprised of the committee’s progress.  The chair/co-chairs assists the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget, provides a monthly financial and program report to the Executive Committee, and offers quarterly summaries to the Full Board.  The chair or one of the co-chairs serves on the Executive Committee as the representative of the Committee.

The Awards Committee Shall: 

Assist the board in developing the annual work plan.  In addition to the tasks unique to each year’s work plan, the following tasks are performed:

  • The committee consists of at least five members, but may include more.  Committee members have no fixed term.
  • The committee officially meets twice a year: once at the annual Board retreat to determine goals and policies for the upcoming year, and once to choose award winners.
  • Lifetime Achievement and Leadership Award winners are chosen by the full Board of Directors while all other awards are chosen by the Awards Committee.  The Awards Committee, however, takes responsibility for assuring the successful presentation of all awards.
  • The chair of the Awards Committee is responsible for assuring the timely completion of all tasks that are part of the awards cycle each year, delegating tasks to committee members and tracking progress.
  • The Awards Committee manages preparation of all necessary materials related to the awards process, including the nomination form, notification letters, award plaques, and the awards ceremony presentation that includes scripts, story boards for all winners, and power point presentation.
  • All materials related to the awards process are kept for a period of 5 (five) years at the MHPN offices, after which they may be deposited with other MHPN materials at the archival repository designated by the Board.  A running log of award winners, however, is maintained so there is an easily accessible historic record of winners.
  • The committee reviews the awards process, selection criteria, nomination forms, and other related materials from time to time, making changes and updates as necessary.  On occasion, an award category may be initiated, eliminated, or changed in some way.

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