Michigan Historic Preservation Network


A Community Assessment serves as a community engagement process to identify a community’s historic preservation ethic on a scale and provides actionable steps to increase historic preservation awareness and integration in to community planning.

Phase 1 requires one local government official best suited to know what is happening throughout the community pertaining to historic preservation to take a brief on-line questionnaire.

Phase 2 begins community engagement through three site visits by MHPN staff and the opening of the community-wide online questionnaire.

Program Benefits:

  • Connects outside resources, like SHPO & Main Street staff, to the community through the site visits.
  • Provides One educational preservation program, like Preservation 101 or Researching your Old Building, at no cost to increase preservation exposure and knowledge in the community
  • Builds community engagement through the survey and site visit process
  • Strengthens programs like Main Street and CLG, if existing in the community.
  • Includes step-by-step action items to help the community move forward and achieve their preservation goals
  • Sets objectives on a preservation scale to allow for measurable growth over time
  • Offers opportunity to take follow-up Phase I surveys in six months and one year to track progress

For more information or for questions, contact Ellen Thackery, MHPN Deputy Director, at EThackery@mhpn.org or (517) 371-8080.