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Historic Resource Council



Initial conversations began in 1995 that grew into the Construction Trades Council committee and the introduction of a formalized program track at the 19th annual statewide preservation conference in 1999. In 2006, the Construction Trades Council expanded into the Historic Resource Council and now includes all professionals that work in or support the building preservation industry. The Historic Resource Council has firmly held to its mission of creating opportunities for networking among the professional preservation trades; providing job training that keeps traditional trades and crafts alive, especially among young people seeking careers in the skilled trades and those looking for career changes; promoting preservation practices that meet national standards; and teaching the general public that historic buildings can be as energy efficient, cost effective, and marketable as new. The HRC, through its membership, outreach, and publications, is a resource that helps promote good preservation, address challenges, and increase fundraising for the MHPN as a whole.

The Historic Resource Council Committee Shall:

  • Assist the board in developing the yearly work plan.

In addition to the tasks unique to each year’s work plan, the committee shall:

  • Solicit memberships/listings for publication in the annual directory.
  • Publish the annual directory, both print and website versions.
  • Plan HRC Track for annual conference including establishing topics and helping to select speakers.
  • Solicit vendors, organize and host Vendor Showcase as part of annual conference.
  • Continue to engage with membership via email account/list serve.
  • Host networking and educational opportunities to discuss pertinent issues related to preservation construction.
  • Organize BYOHH (Bring Your Own Hard Hat) construction walk-through events allowing for networking, educational, membership drive and fundraising opportunities.
  • Continue to grow and expand the benefits of being an HRC level member of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network.  Current ideas that include training/mentoring programs, certifying/credentialing members, building ownership, group insurance programs for members, and networking events such as golf tournaments and other events as they become possible.
  • Work with other committees to promote mutually-supportive work objectives, including but not limited to:
    • Education Committee, and especially its Practical Preservation Workshop program
    • Membership Committee
    • Development Committee
    • Communications Committee

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